Inpatient Services


Telephone number01225 325680 (AWP Switchboard)


Who we are  

Most people with mental health problems can be supported in their own homes. For some people, the complexity of their condition means that they need to receive specialist support within a hospital ward.

Inpatient Services provide people with the high quality, multi-skilled treatment they need to aid their recovery. Inpatient Services include acute mental health wards and rehabilitation units and, if more intensive care is needed, there are psychiatric intensive care units. There are also inpatient services for people with dementia.

People who agree to come into hospital may be admitted as informal patients or a person will be detained under the Mental Health Act if they would come to harm without treatment happening in hospital.

Who can refer

Professionals can refer to this service via the Crisis Service.

Where we are

Inpatient Services are provided at Callington Road Hospital in Brislington and at Southmead Hospital.

About our service


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