26 January 2017

BMH helps staff to 'Be Well'

Blue football

BMH has been awarded a share of the 'Be Well' fund, which was set up by AWP to improve staff health and wellbeing. BMH's System Leadership Team (SLT) successfully bid for money from the fund to set up a Sports Programme for staff in the system.

SLT was granted the funds as the Sports Programme is accessible to all staff and has the ability to be sustainable after the funding source is used. Other successful bids included proposals for yoga, a knitting and crochet group and a choir.

"The Sports Programme will enable staff from different services across the system to connect and develop relationships and networks which will assist them in their day-to-day roles," says Lucy Morgan, system information and improvement manager at BMH.

SLT is now looking at a variety of potential sports to set up after polling staff to ask their preferences. A trial of turn up and play five-a-side football is starting at the end of this month and the potential to hold netball and rounders leagues is also being explored.

If you are a member of staff at BMH and would like to take part in the Sports Programme, please contact Lucy at lucymorgan2@nhs.net.

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