15 February 2017

Faces of BMH: Hannah Lock

Faces of BMH: Hannah Lock


Job title: Psychology Practitioner, Wellbeing Therapy Services


1) What does your job involve?

Day-to-day my job involves doing initial assessments over the phone or in person to help people to decide on the best treatment options for their problems. I also provide counselling, specifically for depression, and run psycho-educational courses which focus on specific difficulties, such as worry or stress.


2) What do you enjoy best about your role?

I enjoy working with people to help them understand their difficulties, learn new techniques to manage them and start to make changes to help themselves start feeling better. It's always nice to see the positive changes in people at the end of a course.


3) Describe how you're feeling today in three words.

Relaxed, amused, optimistic.


4) What do you do to keep mentally healthy?

I find space, by taking five minutes to make a cup of tea or get away from where I'm sitting and using that time to take a breath. I make sure I have a routine where each day I can do the things I enjoy, even if it's just for a short while.


5) What do you like best about Bristol?

There's always something new or different to try in the city. I enjoy Bristol's atmosphere too, it's so relaxed and welcoming.


6) What would you recommend that people try in the city?

St Nick's Night Market. There is something about wandering around what feels like Aladdin's cave at night, eating lovely food and listening to good music! 

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