21 April 2017

Faces of BMH: Natalie Campbell

Natalie Campbell


Job title: CASS Networker, South Bristol


1) What does your job involve?
I meet with community and voluntary groups to raise awareness of mental health and to inform them about mental health services available in Bristol, promoting better links between the groups and services. I also gather feedback from communities to pass on to service providers. I am new to the role, as I only started at the beginning of March this year.


2) What do you enjoy best about your role?
I enjoy talking to people I meet, getting to know all the great people in Bristol and finding out about the activities they are running. There are so many things you can get involved in.


3) Describe how you're feeling today in three words.
Determined, positive and proactive.


4) What do you do to keep mentally healthy?
I practice playing musical instruments to relax my mind - I play the trombone, tabla, clarinet and piano. I find that concentrating on playing a piece of music and improving my performance gives me a sense of achievement. It also focuses my thoughts into one outlet and gives me a rest from being busy at home and at work.


5) What do you like best about Bristol?
The diversity of the people and all of the things there are to do. I love to learn new things so going to activities I've not tried before and meeting different people really appeals to me. Bristol is great for this.


6) What would you recommend that people try in the city?
Try getting out in to Bristol's green spaces - there are many all over the city. My favourite place to visit is Victoria Park in South Bristol. It has some great views and the space gives me time to think and relax.

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