16 September 2016

Faces of BMH: Fathieh Wilkins

Faces of BMH: Fathieh Wilkins


Job title: Apprentice Engagement Worker for Assertive Contact and Engagement Service (ACE)


1. What does your job involve?
Connecting with hard to reach groups in the community and supporting people to gain access to mental health services. I also spend time at the Malcolm X Community Centre in St Paul' s connecting with people. I'm fluent in Arabic, Romanian and English and competent in Spanish, Greek and Italian, which often helps me to communicate with people.


2. What do you enjoy best about your role?
I'm starting a conversation club at Barton Hill to help women to 'name' their emotions and recognise their responses to situations. I enjoy this because it's a break through - it shows we are making progress, that people are seeing the value of ACE and connecting to the services that they need.


3. Describe how you are feeling today in three words?
Enthusiastic, grateful and introspective.


4. What do you do to keep mentally healthy?
I eat healthily, exercise and sleep well. I also love reading, studying psychology and spending time with my daughter.


5. What do you like best about Bristol?
I love the fact that it's welcoming, accepting, diverse and that the people are friendly. I've travelled to many places, having worked as a tour guide, but have never felt the vibe that Bristol has anywhere else in the world!


6. What do you recommend people try in the city?
Visit the awesome museums, try food from different communities, cycle, visit parks, chat to people, get out and about and connect.

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