20 October 2016

BMH holds birthday celebration

Bristol Mental Health celebrated its second birthday with over 70 people at a special event at Bristol Zoo. The 'Bristol Mental Health: piecing together the puzzle' conference was held this month to increase understanding of how BMH and other mental health and wellbeing organisations across the city work and fit together.

On 19 October frontline staff from BMH and people employed in other mental health and wellbeing organisations flocked to the Zoo to take part in a variety of activities, organised by BMH's System Leadership Team (SLT). During the day-long event attendees were given an overview of what SLT do and finished a 'completing the person exercise', where everyone had a case study to look at and recommended services to support the person in their case study with their mental health and wellbeing.

BMH piecing together the puzzle

Other highlights included an 'animal building' team exercise, which saw groups go head to head to make the most impressive animal from craft materials, a magic show from Magician Tim Stracey, who also shared his own mental health story, and the premiere of the new BMH video.

"The content of the day was excellent. It was engaging, fun and informative," one attendee says, adding "I took away a very positive experience and learned a lot about services out there that support positive change and improving outcomes for service users."

The BMH SLT captured lots of feedback from the event which they will use to inform them about how to improve the system as it goes into its third year.

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