13 May 2016

St Mungo's discovers the secret to a good night's sleep

250 pix wide St Mungo's Stop The ScandalA new survey from homelessness charity St Mungo's has revealed what we all need to have a good night's sleep: a comfortable bed and peace of mind.

The survey was carried out by 182 adults in the South West and revealed that 87% of respondents said their bed was essential to them having a period of rest which was sufficient for them to be healthy, happy and productive the next day. Meanwhile, 75% of those surveyed said that peace of mind was necessary for this. The charity also found that 70% of people didn't want any disturbances, 62% of respondents needed the ideal temperature and 50% of people surveyed wanted to feel secure.

St Mungo's carried out the survey to mark the launch of its 'Sleep In to Stop the Scandal' event. This is being held to highlight how wellbeing impacts on quality of sleep and to demand action from the Prime Minister to assist those with mental health problems who are stuck sleeping rough. Four in ten of those sleeping on the streets have a mental health problem and rough sleepers with mental health issues end up sleeping rough for longer.

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