13 June 2016

Faces of Bristol Mental Health: Michael Hibberd

Face of BMH: Michael Hibbard

Job title: Quality and Governance, Bristol Services and PA to Service Manager.


1. What does your job involve?

My role is a new one. I ensure adherence to key performance indicators for the Bristol service and support the service manager with his daily duties as the head of the crisis service, where we oversee BMH crisis, street triage, shared point of access and liaison and later life.


2. What do you enjoy best about your role?

The variety, the challenging nature of the job and how spontaneous you have to be.


3. Describe how you're feeling today in three words.

Confident, busy, satiated.


4. What do you do to keep mentally healthy?

I'm a practising smallholder so grow many vegetables and keep animals too. I also brew my own beer and make my own wine. I like doing crosswords, reading, cycling and fishing, as well.


5. What do you like best about Bristol?

The culture. It's such a progressive city.


6. What would you recommend that people try in the city?

The Loco Club, an underground arts venue. The location is superb and very atmospheric. There are surprising acts and events and all of the talent is up and coming. 

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