09 June 2016

BMH community rehabilitation service rated 'good' by CQC

Bristol community rehabilitation service rated god by CQCBristol Mental Health's community rehabilitation service was really pleased to be rated good in a recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

Wellbridge House, the accommodation side of the service, which was inspected last month, was given a positive assessment across the board. The inspectors' report concluded that people using the service were:

• Well supported with their mental health needs and they understood the aims of the service

• Supported by staff with a good understanding of their needs and the care they required. The staff were trained and knew how to provide them with effective support

• Treated in a kind way by the staff, and

• Encouraged to make choices and helped to be more independent by staff. Individual care records set out how people wanted to be supported by the staff as part of a recovery approach to their support and care

Chris Kinston, Senior Operations Manager, says:

"...We are really pleased with the way the partnership is working for the benefit of people using the service. This is evident in the rating of 'Good' that the Service received across each of the five categories assessed by the CQC; including 'Safe' and 'Well Led'.

"...The CQC report also shows what an important contribution Bristol community rehabilitation service makes to Bristol Mental Health."

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