14 July 2016

Tips for looking after your wellbeing

Will HallWill Hall, System Clinical Leader at BMH System Leadership and Consultant Psychiatrist with Central Bristol Assessment and Recovery, shares his top tips for positive mental health over the summer.

It's important that we all look after our wellbeing as doing so means that we are more likely to feel happy and to have positive mental health. There are a number of proven areas of wellbeing that help to lead to happiness:


1. Socialising
Spend time with other people where you don't focus on work or anything stressful. You'll benefit from connecting with other people and being part of a community.

2. Exercise
It doesn't matter what you do but stretch yourself a little and get your heart rate up for a while.

3. Sleep
Getting your sleep habits right is like plugging in our mobile overnight: we need good sleep to recharge our batteries.

4. Time spent in nature
Stepping out of the constraints of our highly ordered and increasingly technological lives frees up our thinking and allows us to feel part of something bigger than ourselves.

5. Meditation
If you can, finding ways that allow your mind to de-clutter provide a much needed balance to the stresses and complexities of daily life. If that sounds hard, how about taking some time away from technology?

We all have habits around our own wellbeing and some are good, some are less so. During the summer season of energy and renewal, how about reviewing your habits? Why not use the five areas of wellbeing above and choose one old habit to give up and one new habit to adopt?

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