14 July 2016

BMH initiative supports trans service users

MeetingBMH has launched an initiative to ensure its staff treat trans people accessing the system with dignity and respect.

As part of this, the first Working with Trans People workshop - commissioned by the BMH System Leadership Team - took place on 7 July. It was attended by a range of staff from different services in the BMH system and facilitated by Alex Raikes MBE, Director (Strategic) of Stand Against Racism & Inequality, Cheryl Morgan, Lexi Dark and Henry Poultney.

Attendees found out facts about the sociology of gender and discovered more about transphobia and the importance of terminology. The workshop also covered laws that relate to trans people, such as the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act. The event featured a range of activities and a session focussed on what staff need in terms of support and guidelines.

BMH will hold another workshop in August to gather more information. These workshops will then be used to produce Trans Best Practice Guidelines and tools which will be issued for wider consultation across the system. The Guidelines should be made available to staff later in the year.

Kate Webb, Senior Business Manager in BMH's SLT, says: "The guidelines will enable staff to feel confident when engaging with trans people and ensure that service users are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve."

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