12 August 2016

Would you like to create a twiddlemuff?

KnittingOur Dementia Wellbeing Service is looking for people to create twiddlemuffs to distribute to people in the later stages of dementia. "What's a twiddlemuff?" you're probably asking yourself. They're knitted or crocheted muffs with different materials attached that can be used to support people with dementia in any setting, including hospitals and care homes.

Twiddlemuffs are embellished on the inside and outside with different 'twiddles', such as ribbon, string and buttons, to provide a soothing, sensory experience for people with dementia who place their hands inside them. The twiddlemuffs can provide a gentle, reassuring distraction, alleviate anxiety and occupy the user.

"There are all kinds of sensory resources to support people with dementia but twiddlemuffs are relatively inexpensive and provide comfort and warmth," says Stephen Collings, Contract Business Manager at the Dementia Wellbeing Service.

Please contact Stephen at stephencollings@nhs.net if you would like to try creating a twiddlemuff for people using the Service. There are many patterns for twiddlemuffs available online. 

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