30 August 2016

Faces of Bristol Mental Health: Mike Bingham

Mike Bingham


Job title: Recovery Navigator, Assessment and Recovery Service, Central and East


1. What does your job involve?
I cycle around the community, from St Werburghs up to Fishponds, meeting service users with a variety of mental health issues. I support people with their tailor-made recovery plans and help them navigate through the system - linking them to different support services depending on their needs.


2. What do you enjoy best about your role?
Meeting a variety of service users with very varied and fascinating experiences of life in Bristol. Seeing the smile on people's faces when they realise they can achieve new skills and confidence outside of their comfort zone.


3. Describe how you're feeling today in three words.
Calm, focused, energised.


4. What do you do to keep mentally healthy?
I'm lucky that I have a small garden with a pond, veg patch and a dart board on the shed. Thirty minutes in the garden helps me rebalance after a stressful day.


5. What do you like best about Bristol?
The variety, creativity, diversity and friendly communities.


6. What would you recommend that people try in the city?
LinkAge are fantastic if you're over 55 and looking for some activities to get you out of the house and socialising in your area. Failing that, a walk around the harbour is always good for relaxing and clearing your thoughts!

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