15 June 2015

An unique opportunity to help change the face of mental health services in Bristol

Over the past eight months, mental health services in Bristol have been evolving.

Since October 2014, a group of 18 separate organisations ­- each with its own area of expertise - has taken over the provision of mental health services in the city under the banner of Bristol Mental Health. Each were chosen by the Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) because of their expertise in delivering high quality care and support.

Now, the team at the centre of this partnership is looking for someone to take on the role of strategic leader for service users and carers, one of the most fundamental roles to be recruited yet.

"This is an opportunity for someone to take on a new role at the heart of mental health services in Bristol that ensures that service users and carers are represented at the highest levels of Bristol Mental Health," said Will Hall, System Clinical Leader for Bristol Mental Health services.

The system leadership team, a unique and innovative group charged with steering and coordinating the care pathway to and between each of the 18 organisations in the Bristol Mental Health partnership, is looking for someone who is passionate about mental health, who could be a powerful advocate for service users and carers and who would be inspired by working in an environment with the potential to make a national impact.

This environment is one of quality, integration, improvement and influence, where the focus is on recovery, co-production between service users, carers and service providers, celebration of equality and diversity, and being psychologically informed every step of the way.

"Whoever takes up this role will be in a strong position to lead and influence a truly innovative approach to mental health care which could become a national approach too," said Hall.

The role has been graded at a senior level under NHS Agenda for Change, and would sit in the "triumvirate" of System Leadership managers - alongside the clinical system lead and the senior business manager.

"Alongside myself and the senior business manager, the strategic leader for services users and carers will lead a team that focusses on high quality services that are well integrated and continually look for ways of doing things better."

The interim strategic leader, Tracy Clack, said "this is an innovative and exciting role that will help shape Bristol Mental Health services for at least the next five years.

"This job will be pivotal in ensuring that service user and carer perspectives are having a real influence on future service development," she added.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role and how to apply, please visit the NHS Jobs website. Interviews will be held in mid-September.



Contact: Sarah Pritchard, Communications Officer - Bristol Mental Health

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Bristol BS6 5UB

e: sarahpritchard2@nhs.net

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